May May May …

It has been a pretty hectic month and training has inconspicuously taken a back seat again. A huge change in my daily work routine, and this week’s bout of sickness, has left me able to count the number of times I’ve been on my bicycle with 2 hands. Still, there have been interesting developments in the other aspects of my life that at least allow me to say that it hasn’t been a wasted month. I guess it has been a give – and – take situation this month, take a little energy from training, and spend a little more energy during work and working on relationships. While it might not be the ideal preparation for the race next month, putting a little more effort into work would go a long way in helping me survive in there till I ORD.

Speaking of ORD … 175 more days. 24 more weeks. 5 plus more months.

The. Countdown. Begins.

The countdown begins!

The countdown begins!

Everyone always asks what I’m going to do after I ORD. Well for one, I’ve got a wedding to take care of in December. Amongst that, I’ll spend a little time relaxing and riding my bike in Singapore before (hopefully) flying off to Australia to train and race as a full – time rider. I’ll do that for 6 months, before flying back to Singapore to start on my University education (finally!!). Obviously I hope that I’d be back racing competitively in the Asian circuit again in between the time spent in Australia and Singapore, but that would be up to the team to decide.

You never ever stop trying_National Champs 2011

Might be an old picture, but I’ll never forgot the flying form I was in!

Apart from that, I really have to get this coaching business of mine going. I have been deliberately delaying everything because at the present moment, I do not have the time to commit to it. I have though, been coming up with ideas and talking with various people, so just keep a lookout for updates. What I can say though, is that I’d not only just offer cycling – related coaching, but personal coaching and fitness training as well (working out in the gym). On a side note, if there’s anyone out there interested to join me in this venture, feel free to drop me a message!

Since we’re on the theme of ventures, my friend and team – mate Timothy Lim has started out with one of his own too and has been featured on popular cycling blog headsetpress.

Check him out below:

Cycling is a really competitive yet small market in Singapore, and I believe we have the most bike shops – to – land area ratio. It’s definitely going to be an uphill struggle starting a business based on a sport such as Cycling (I’m speaking for myself too), but we’d much rather take the path less travelled and struggle through what we’re really passionate about than to take the easier route to a high – paying, ‘normal office’ job. Timothy is certainly well – qualified to pick any other engineering job if he really wanted, but the fact that he chose to stick to using his engineering skills on the sport he’s so passionate might just speak volumes of the things he’d be able to do/produce. Give it a think, and support him at LOUE Bicycles and on their facebook page.

LOUE Bicycles

LOUE Bicycles

I’ll just like to end off with another brilliant post from CrankPunk, this time about Power Meters and the misconception in the way people use them. I’d just like to say that if a training tool hampers your performance during racing, then it’s not much of a training tool eh? As advance as sports science and technology have become, you can never omit the pure instinct, gutsy – ness, and aggressiveness whenever you race. We are always trying to push our limits during training, and that shouldn’t stop when it comes to racing. In fact, the only reason why I race with a power meter is so that I can collect the data and review it at the end of everything to see how much I’ve pushed through my limits and improved. Use the power meter wisely, and it will be a powerful tool. Use the power meter foolishly, and it becomes a crutch and an excuse for poor performance.

Power to the people!

Power to the people!

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