A month on hiatus

I’m back to reality after a month on some island in the far corner of Singapore, Pulau Tekong. I had to do a recourse in Basic Military Training, which is pretty much what most Singapore men go through (except for the minority of PES E people who never have to set foot on this island).

To be honest, I was really enjoying myself over there and getting into the groove of things. Prior to becoming a professional cyclist, I was actually a hardcore sports and outdoor fanatic. I loved rock – climbing, going on adventure camps, basically trying out everything sports and the outdoors could offer. I had no qualms getting my hands dirty or sweating it out in the hot sun because that’s where I feel alive! Make no mistake though, I still love the outdoors and that’s probably why I was enjoying myself so much in Tekong.

There was also no office to manage, no work that you have to constantly think about, and minimal use of brainpower. No stress. Probably the only stress you get is to make the timings given by your superiors, which was pretty easy for me considering my batch was a PES C one(read full of medical conditions/non – combat fit). Superiors were way more lenient, and everything was at a slower pace. Physically, it was NOTHING. Our aerobic conditioning was just WALKING a few km. No sweat ha. Because of this, I had to plan out my own exercise regime, which meant body-weight exercises to full-on gym to running. A pretty good way to spend the ‘off-season’ and not stressing over training I suppose.

I got to do things that I will probably never do for the rest of my life; firing a live weapon, throwing a grenade, spotting a GIANT anteater in the middle of the night and watching it crawl into my friend’s basha. I mentioned about being stuck in limbo in the previous post and well, being in Tekong just exxagerates everything I said. These are definitely moments to cherish but as much as I love them, I would much rather get back to mainland/reality and do the things that I truly love to do and that matter to me.

Time to blow out those cobwebs and start racing!

I’m also very happy to announce that I’ve signed another year with my current team: OCBC Singapore Continental Team. The people in there have been with me since I started racing on a bicycle and it just feels like one big family over there, even with the foreign riders! Everyone puts in the hard work, and you feel this ethic in the air whenever we ride. There are no shortcuts and everyone from the team management to the riders understand that.

I am also very thankful for the sponsors who have been and are going to support the team for the 2013 season. Cycling is no easy sport and they have helped made our lives easier in whatever way they can. Special mention to OCBC bank, who has been our main backer since the start of the team. Their commitment to us is one that I definitely do not take for granted, and am constantly grateful for it.

2012 is coming to an end (finally!!) and the 2013 season is right around the corner! It is a really great time to set goals for yourself and figure out a plan to achieve them. I already have and the plan is already in motion. Quit wasting time and let’s get something done!

P.S: I really like this post written by crankpunk titled ‘Training: Philippe Gilbert & the Luddite way‘. Give it a read because I am going to be talking about it in my next post!

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